Abilify (Aripriprazole)

I have been on a mood disorder medication Abilify (Aripriprazole) for 13 years.  Recently I discovered that it causes behavioural addiction e.g. pathological gambling, binge eating and hypersexuality all of which I have suffered from since I started taking the drug.  Even engaged in the 12 step programme to try to beat these addictions but the one I could never beat was phoning psychics and tarot card readers on premium rate phone lines.  Have only recently managed to stop since my dosage was reduced from 15 mgs (maintenance) to 7.5 mgs.  Have spent a fortune calling psychics and at one time I was £67k in debt!!!  Luckily, have managed to pay most of it off.  Bristol Squib-Myers and Otsukana who make this drug made $6billion last year.  It is the biggest selling drug of its kind.  In the USA there are class actions against BSM and Otsukana but in the UK I was told my case was difficult if not impossible and no lawyer would take it on.  Where is the justice in that?  I thought I was a sex and love addict and have been single most of my adult life.  Now I realise it could be because of this medication that I have been on!  Ok!

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Andalusia Spain

I’m staying in a lovely place called bambu resort which caters for women near benomocarra not far from Malaga. It’s lovely, spectacular views quiet peaceful self catering rooms with terraces and a pool oh and three cats haha. What would a lesbian do without cats I wonder? Although I’m more of a dog person myself born in the year of the dog too.

I came here on my own but am spending time with three lovely German ladies who are also staying here a couple and a singleton like me. Must be German sense of humour but I only have to open my mouth and they burst out laughing. Am I that funny I wonder? Hmmmm …not so sure.

Yesterday we visited Granada and the Alhambra a moorish palace complex. The moors lived here for 800 years apparently. It was of course stunning the loveliest things were the view and the gorgeous orange garden with fountain at the bottom of the nasrid palace. I sat there for about 20 mins may even have managed some mindfulness.

They grow a lot of avocados here mainly exported to France but now switching to mango since more demand for the fruit.

One of the ladies went horse riding. I had an amazing massage. Tomorrow I spend a couple of days in Malaga staying at the red and black decorated hotel Pintor. I plan to visit the Picasso museum and maybe catch some flamenco tourist show and eat tapas if course!

The beach is also fairly close the closest being torre del mar a pleasant seaside resort with shops bars and restaurants and a lovely promenade the waves were crashing when I went strong winds.




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How to be naughty

How to be naughty

People often tell me I’m naughty well I tell myself I’m naughty and I often tell people they are naughty and that they should be put on the naughty step

Remember that cream cake advert from the 70s or 80s? Naughty but nice that is how I would describe myself

So how does one go about being naughty

Definitions of naughty

1(especially of a child) badly behaved; disobedient:
2 • informal mildly rude or indecent, typically because related to sex:
naughty goings-on
3 • archaic wicked

Naughty is simply a delicious word it’s not about being evil selfish or wicked its about doing something you know you’re not really meant to I’m not saying break the law I’m just saying be naughty

When we were children we were often naughty I once dug up my mothers vegetable garden for worms to feed the birds she wasn’t best pleased as you can imagine when her prized vegetables were uprooted and thrown about the garden at the same time my brothers picked all the blossoms off her cherry tree and once threw my fathers Rolex down the loo

So what ways can we be naughty? The lists are endless:

Who hasn’t farted in church or picked their nose in public flicked and/or licked it

Smoking is definitely up there together with snogging your best friends boyfriend

Eating cream cakes that’s naughty

Drinking champagne as a child when youre a bridesmaid at a wedding

Rolling around in the mud in your best sunday clothes

Or like Rachel in friends dressing as Princess Leia for your boyfriend

Giving someone a fake phone number when they ask you for your number

Setting up fake profiles on dating sites

Fluffy pink handcuffs

Chocolate cake

Phoning in sick then Watching cartoons in PJs as an adult

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done? Go on do tell


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Xmas in Egypt

I am now in Egypt spending Xmas on my own well with a bunch of Russians and English northerners lucky me haha!! 🙂

Yesterday on my first day I got accosted by an old blind gentleman who persuaded me to go on a boat trip as his companion he kept grabbing my arm and holding my hand which pissed me off to say the least I understood and he later confirmed that this was his way is seeing but even so he should have asked. Some people like myself just don’t like to be touched by strangers

I then had a massage and today manicure and pedicure but kept knocking things over dropping magazines into the foot tub and spilling water over my bag and lost my room key which incidentally hasn’t been working v well anyway

The blind man was rather cruel I think because I spurned his advances telling me the Egyptian guide that I didn’t fancy didn’t fancy me . If I had fancied him I would have been devastated but I’m busy with helicopter man on tinder and various women on wow

I also befriended a lovely lady from Belarus but don’t speak a word of Russian sadly well that’s sth to learn I suppose

Also learning to be assertive with friends and to say “no” v impt for a codependent like me !! Lol

I’m swimming with dolphins on Monday

Happy christmas everyone!!

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I hate politicians

I hate politicians!! I don’t vote …people who don’t vote are heavily berated but isn’t not voting a Vote in itself – do I actually have to go and spoil my ballot paper?!?!?! Russell brand was Right in his interview with that oh so smug Jeremy paxman

I’ve only voted twice in my life once for the Green Party in a local council by-election when i was a student at cambridge and once for tony Blair in his second general election and god do I regret that

How evil is Putin? Gays have lots of undesirable qualities (i should know, im half gay myself) but gay bashing and anti gay laws in Russia are a step too far!! And what about pussy riot

I joke that Putin is a Putain but he is!!! That’s offensive to putains and he’s up for a Nobel peace prize?!?!!! WTF?!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin was a closet gay himself is he the new hitler?

Don’t get me started on David Cameron and his Etonian cronies either

The only politician I semi admire is Margaret hodge

I wrote to her saying she was a “good un” and she wrote back thanking me for my kind words 🙂

The end


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Great films 2013

My fav films of 2013 are Frances Ha, Blue Jasmine and The Heat starring Sandra Bullock.

Cate you def deserve an Oscar

In fact I’m going through a Sandra bullock period rather like Picasso’s blue period (not) …

Recently I watched the lake house, miss congeniality (5 times), the blind side and two weeks notice wowee!! (Can Hugh act anyone but himself?!) gravity next?

I’m getting the heat for Christmas 🙂

Sandra you rock!

Non-fav film of 2013 is Before Midnight I mean what a boring annoying film with people talking rubbish about nothing of consequence and tons of sexual references bad even if some of the scenery was stunning

Julie Ethan you have both lost it none of the charm of before sunrise or before sunset sadly
😦 thumbs down

I loved greta gerwig in Arthur remake and she was delightful as Frances

Call me Michelle ha!






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About Time

Just went to see this movie tonight at Vue Westfield and was pleasantly surprised. I am a Richard Curtis fan in spite of the treacle soppiness cheese stereotyping Englishness but perhaps being too critical in that in my other life as a successful filmmaker I would love to make films like this.

It starts off as a typical Richard Curtis romcom a la four weddings, notting hill etc but ends as a clever deep thought provoking drama. As a writer RC excels but as a director he falls a bit short. Some very shaky camerawork most likely deliberate was annoying but overall the film was well acted and well produced. I loved bill nighy but would love him in anything and the lead actress was also very good (apparently she was in time travellers wife?) playing a sweet attractive Mary. The carrot top lead actor domnhall gleeson was great too. All in all a nice easy bit of entertainment to up RCs reported worth of £10m plus.


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